Patriots Acquire Haynesworth From Redskins

Patriots Acquire Haynesworth From Redskins

According to reports Thursday, the Patriots are in the process of acquiring Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth for a late round draft pick.

Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth, who has had his share do run-ins with head coach Mike Shanahan, has reportedly been traded to the New England Patriots for a late round Draft pick according to a report.  The move, while unofficial as of Thursday afternoon, is expected to be consummated later in the week.

According to ESPN, Haynesworth will be traded to New England for a 2013 fifth round pick.   It is a cheap price to pay for a player who signed a seven-year $1000 million deal (with $41 million guaranteed) in 2009.

Haynesworth and Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had difficulty finding common ground on their differences.  Shanahan suspended the former Tennessee Titans star defender for the last four games (with pay) of the 2010 season.   According to Shanahan, the move was made for conduct detrimental to the team.

New England runs a 3-4 style of defense which is something that Haynesworth had trouble with in Washington.  New England uses Vince Wilfork to man the center of their defense when they run the 3-4, but they also use modified defensive fronts, sliding an extra linemen into the middle to show more of a 4-3 front – a front Haynseworth was dominant in at Tennessee.

According to Wilfork, Haynesworth will have to learn how things are done the "Patriots Way."

"He'll see how we do things around here, point blank," Wilfork told the media.  Wilfork went on to mention other players who have come through the front door who had trouble at other places before turning their careers around in Foxborough (Randy Moss and Corey Dillon come to mind). " I don't think it will be a big problem."

New England hopes to shore up the center of their defense with Haynesworth in the middle alongside Wilfork. New England had trouble stopping the run in 2010, and as head coach Bill Belichick noted in his press conference,

"The two things you want to do are pressure the quarterback and cover the receivers in the passing game" Belichick noted.  "That's what pass defense is."
"You can never have too much pass rush. You can never have too much pass coverage. You're always trying to improve that."

As far as Haynesworth's reported attitude issues, Belichick noted that if he isn't prepared to handle the issue, he wouldn't make the move to acquire that particular player.

"I think anytime you acquire a player, however you do it, you want to be comfortable putting that player into your team," Belichick said. "So whether you draft them, sign them, trade for them, however you do it, that's what you want to try to do."

Should Haynesworth live up to his contract, New England stands to benefit greatly from their investment.  If the Haynesworth of Washington shows up, Belichick will have no trouble moving on, just as he has with others who wore out their welcome at Gillette.

Material from The Sports Xchange was used in this report.

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