Patriots look ahead to surprising Bills

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The Buffalo Bills are armed and dangerous. Who would have thought that statement wouldn't be as far-fetched as it sounds? Buffalo's revamped team is 2-0 as they get ready to take on the Patriots.

 Few people would have predicted the Patriots and Bills to be battling for first place in the AFC East, even in the third week of the season. But that's exactly the situation that will take place Sunday afternoon in Buffalo as the two 2-0 teams meet.

   Through two weeks of 2011, the Patriots are rolling along much the same way Bill Belichick's 2010 team did. That's a combination of high-powered offense and opportunistic defense that gives up plenty of yards, but seems to come away with the plays it has to when it needs them the most.

   Offensively, New England has now put up more than 1,100 yards of total offense in two victories, including another 504 in the 35-21 dismissal of the likely playoff-bound Chargers (1-1).

   The types of passing yards and total offense Brady and the Patriots are putting up are about as good as New England has ever seen. Better than the record-setting 2007 campaign. Better than No. 12's unanimous MVP season a year ago.

   Proving that OTAs and passing camps may in fact be useless, the offense is clicking with almost an unprecedented rhythm save for a short stretch in which it bogged down in the third quarter against the Chargers.

   "I think our offense has played well, and that's everybody. The linemen blocking, the guys that are running the ball, the receivers are catching it, the quarterback's throwing it. The backs and tight ends are picking up the blitz," Belichick said. "Overall we're pretty efficient. We're not turning the ball over."

   Despite the abbreviated offseason, Belichick doesn't seem surprised by the offensive production.

   "We actually expect to go out there and play good football," Belichick said. "We actually expect to go out there and move the ball on offense and stop them on defense."

   Well, one out of two isn't bad at this point in the season. Because while the Patriots clearly have gotten the big plays they've needed in each of the two weeks to keep teams off the scoreboard, in allowing 958 total yards of offense from the opposition it's hard to describe what they're doing as stopping anyone.

   Sunday New England will meet up with a Ryan Fitzpatrick led attack that's put up 79 points in the first two weeks, more than Brady & Co. have scored. Who'd have thought that the Patriots and Bills would be preparing for a shootout in Week 3 that's for first place in the division?

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