Brady Moving On To Raiders

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Tom Brady puts his Patriot-speak into high gear as he talked about moving forward past last week's loss to the Bills and onto the Raiders.

Tom Brady isn't one to obsess over a loss, at least not during the season. During his press conference this week, Brady had little to say other than he wanted to just move forward.

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On bouncing back after a loss? 

Tom Brady: We've moved on from Sunday and we're focused on what we need to do in our preparation. … There's not much that we can do about last week. There's certainly nothing we can do about next week. The only thing we can really do is focus on what we have ahead of us today and then we're going to prepare like we always do and we're going to go out there and put our best out there. 

 On throwing the ball more now being by design

TB: I think the goal is to always be pretty balanced in what we're doing. Just based on how the game's played out, it's kind of dictated a certain style of play and when we do run it, we need to run it efficiently and effectively and when we throw, we have to do the same - we can't turn the ball over. So whatever we need to do to get the ball in the end zone that's what we're going to do.

 On what he sees out of the Raiders

TB: We haven't played them, so it's been kind of a crash course the last few days in getting to know them [and] getting to know their personnel and schemes. They're very good; they play well at home. They're very physical, they're tough, they're big, they're fast  ... It's going to be a big challenge. 

 On what he sees in Richard Seymour in Oakland

 TB:  We know the challenge it is like to block him up front. We've had to do it in practice for a lot of years. Nobody knows him better than Logan [Mankins], [Dan] Koppen, and [Matt] Light. Those guys who have been in there facing him. Richard is tough to block and he still looks tough to block. There's not much changed with him. 

On how he's bonding with Chad Ochocino? 

 TB: It's been three games for all of us together in this offense: Chad, Wes [Welker], Deion [Branch], all of us as receiver-quarterback combinations. We are trying to do better each week  … We're not where we need to be [and] we are not where we are going to be

On Wes Welker's ability to get open

 TB: He is just a great player and has been that way since the day he got here. He had a great game last week - an individual effort that made some incredible plays. He always seems to do that. In Miami, he did the same thing. He's done that in practice every day. Every day at training camp, he never misses a day … Teams always try to find ways to take Wes away.  

 Wes  uses his quickness a lot of the time and you see he gets a lot of separation because he is so good in-and-out of his breaks.

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