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Jim Poore is back with his Week 7 picks against the spread. It's no surprise what the Game of the Week is. Take a look and let him know what you think.

As we enter week number seven of the NFL season, I am trying to determine which team is the worst. I have it down to four candidates, three of which are obvious. The three winless teams in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams are the clear choices, and I am going to throw the Jacksonville Jaguars into the mix as well. However, Jacksonville has won a game ( this doesn't mean they are better than the other three teams ) so they really can't be considered the worst.

As for the other three choices, I have to go with Miami. Not only are they a bad team right now, their coach, Tony Sparano, continues to be a terrible coach. There isn't a lot of talent in Miami, and upper management has said they need a franchise quarterback, especially now that Chad Henne is likely an afterthought. They are a total mess right now. The Colts, though winless, basically are winless because they lost Peyton Manning. And though I believe it was the beginning of the end for the Colts this year anyway ( even with Manning ) they would have been decent. And the Rams, though winless as well, do have a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, and an upper echelon running back in Steven Jackson so I cannot count them. Therefore, in my opinion, the Miami Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL.

  And wow is all I can say for the Oakland Raiders, but wow in a bad way, I think anyway. Carson Palmer is clearly an upgrade at quarterback, but I don't think he has been that great since his knee injury a few years ago. The Raiders gave up a 2012 first round pick, and a second round pick in 2013 in order to get Palmer. The 2013 turns into a number one pick if the Raiders reach the AFC Championship in the next two years ( they won't). The problem with all of this is that the Raiders now do not have a 2012 draft pick until the fifth round ( except possible free agent compensatory picks ) and minimal picks in the 2013 draft. They are clearly mortgaging their future with Palmer. I don't understand giving all of the picks, but if Palmer works out than it won't matter. But for the Raiders and their fans, Palmer better work out.
As always, home team in CAPS.
Pittsburgh 3 1/2  Arizona

The Cardinals are coming off of a bye week, but it won't matter here. Kevin Kolb has hit the skids, and the Cardinals are really playing poorly. The Steelers could be getting their act together. I like them here.
Steelers  26-13
CLEVELAND  4 1/2  Seattle
Neither team here is very good, and Peyton Hillis is taking some heat in Cleveland. The Seahawks are coming off of a bye week, but they still are not a good team. I think the Browns should be able to take it at home.
Browns  20-14
DALLAS  12  St. Louis
The Cowboys should have won last week, and at home they shouldn't have too many problems this week against the Rams. St. Louis had the extra week to get ready, but I just don't see how they can cover the points against the Cowboys.
Cowboys  31-16
Green Bay  9 1/2  Minnesota
The Packers are now the only undefeated team in the NFL, and they will still be after this week. Donovan McNabb's career could be over because he is getting benched for rookie Christian Ponder. It isn't going to matter because the Vikings are not a good team. This one could be over at halftime.
Packers  36-10
Tennessee 3 1/2  Houston
The Titans have actually been pretty decent this year, and they are coming off of a bye week. The Texans, as usual, have been disappointing but they have had injuries. I think this is a must win for Houston to salvage their season. This was the year they were expected to make their run, and a loss here will stop them in their tracks. I'll take the Texans.
Texans  26-20
CAROLINA  1  Washington

The Panthers have had a couple of close losses this year, so I think this is the game they pull out. Cam Newton has slowed down but has still been impressive. Rex Grossman gave one of the worst quarterback performances in recent memory last week. I think the Redskins will start to fade. Take Carolina here.
Panthers 24-21
MIAMI  1  Denver
I can't believe the Dolphins are favored here, but I guess a one point spread is pretty even. The Broncos are coming off of a bye week, and Tim Tebow will finally make his debut as the starting quarterback. I don't know what took so long. I don't know how good he is going to be, but he brings a lot of enthusiasm, and he can't be any worse than anything else Denver has thrown out there. Miami is terrible right now, so I have to go with Denver.
Broncos 23-17
San Diego  1  New York Jets
This is another pretty even game, and it should be a good one. The Chargers were off last week, and the Jets had an easy Monday Night victory. New York needs to get on a roll, and I have never been sold on the Chargers as contenders. I think San Diego comes in though and pulls out a win in this very close game.
Chargers  26-23
DETROIT  3 1/2  Atlanta
It turns out the Lions are mortal, but I don't think anybody expected them to go undefeated. Jim Schwartz looked like a total dope after the game. May be he should keep the handshakes private. May be nobody will ever know everything that was said on the field, but I don't think Schwartz came off looking too good. And speaking of not looking too good, are the Falcons. They won last week but I think they are struggling. I like Detroit to rebound here.
Lions  30-20
Chicago  1  TAMPA BAY
I think the point spread is wrong here, but again one point is pretty meaningless. I have not been impressed with the Bears, and the Bucs are coming off of a big win last week. After some struggles I think Tampa Bay will have a pretty good season. I like them here.
Buccaneers  20-17
Baltimore  7 1/2  JACKSONVILLE
I think the Ravens are the best team in the AFC right now, and I don't see a poor Jacksonville team getting in their way. I don't see too many problems for Baltimore this week.
Ravens  27-10
Game of the Week

OAKLAND  3 1/2  Kansas City

Yes, this is an odd choice for Game of the Week, but the debut of Carson Palmer makes it a game to watch. Unfortunately, I don't think the game will be that good because Kansas City is really struggling. If the Raiders can win this game, they will be 5-2, and people might start to pay attention. Might.
Raiders  29-14
Stinker of the Week

New Orleans  14  Indianapolis
This game is the Stinker because I think it will be so one sided. The Saints lost a tough one last week, and well we all know about the Colts. This game will keep them winless. The points are high but this could be a laugher for New Orleans.
Saints  42-13
Record For Week Six: 5-7-1 ( 8-5 without the spread )
Record Through Week Six: 42-44-4 ( 56-34 without the spread )
Game of Week Record: 4-2
Stinker of Week Record: 1-5

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