POORE'S PICKS: Division Round

POORE'S PICKS: Division  Round

Jim Poore is back with his Division Playoff picks against the spread. Take a look at Jim's picks and let him know what you think.

Here we go, down to the final eight and Tebowmania is alive and well. I can understand the coverage, but I think many media outlets forget that the New England Patriots are the number one seed. Nobody seems to be talking about them, but may be that is a good thing for the Patriots. In fact, it doesn't seem like any of the other seven playoff teams are getting much coverage at all. I am surprised that these media outlets even realize that there are three other games, and three really good ones to boot. Of course it is the playoffs, so often every game is good. But the matchups this weekend look really special. The Patriots and Broncos should be great because we will get to see if New England can stop the Broncos emotional high, and the Ravens and Texans should be a great defensive battle. The two NFC Matchups are two strong defensive teams, San Francisco and New York, battling against two offensive juggernauts in Green Bay and New Orleans. It should be fantastic. I know I am not doing anything this weekend but watching football.
As always, home team in CAPS.
New Orleans  3 1/2  SAN FRANCISCO
The Saints are favored on the road, which makes me think many believe they are going to win. So do I. The Saints are a different team playing outside, but their offense is so explosive right now it might not matter. The 49ers have a very good defense, but I am not sure Alex Smith lining up under center is good enough to get the job done. He has gotten it so far this year, mainly by not making a lot of mistakes. He can't make any in this game. I think the Saints are playing too well right now, and Drew Brees is playing out of his mind. I like the Saints here.
Saints  27-20
NEW ENGLAND  13 1/2  Denver
I see many people thinking this is going to be a blow out. May be. One thing many seem to be forgetting is the Patriots defense is horrible. Tim Tebow threw for 316 yards last week against a beat up Pittsburgh defense, but that defense is still better than anything the Patriots can put on the field. Denver is on a major emotional high this week, and that counts for something. It will be decided early. If the Broncos can get to Tom Brady right away, he might struggle. If they can't, it could be lights out. I think it will be the former. I am picking the Broncos in a stunning upset.
Broncos 24-23
BALTIMORE   7 1/2  Houston
This should be a great defensive battle, and it could likely come down to Arian Foster and Ray Rice. Andre Johnson could make a big difference for the Texans, and Joe Flacco just has to have a decent game. He has the edge over T.J Yates though. I don't think a lot of points are going to be scored. The Texans are on a little bit of an emotional high after their first ever playoff victory last week. It's a shame they had a lot of injuries. The Ravens have not lost at home this year. Until now.
Texans  20-17
GREEN BAY  7 1/2  New York Giants
The Packers are the favorites right now to win the Super Bowl, but I am not even sure they win this game. Their offensive is very dangerous, and Aaron Rogers is the best quarterback in the NFL, and he proved it again this year. The Giants, though, are playing very well at the right time. Their defensive line is healthy, they can score points and Eli Manning had a very solid year. Plus, the weather in Green Bay shouldn't bother them. I had a feeling about the Giants as the regular season was coming to a close. If any team can knock off the Packers, I think it is the Giants. I think they pull the upset in Lambeau.
Giants  26-24
Record For Last Week: 2-2

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