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Kisha Tapangan has the latest update to the Paatriots Super Bowl Blog, with all the updates from Saturday's Patriots Newswire.

It has been quite the week here in Indianapolis. With all media obligations by both teams ending Saturday, chatter between teams have settled but the newswire was still full of fascinating headlines. Here's what we picked out:

Welcome to the NFL Hall of Fame Curtis Martin, sorry Bill Parcells
A former Patriot was elected to join the NFL's most storied and impressive players in the Hall of Fame. Running back Curtis Martin was selected for the 2012 class but not former Patriots coach Bill Parcells. Drafted in 1995, is the NFL's fourth-leading rusher with 14,101 total yards. The majority of the yards were obtained during his 11-year tenure with the New York Jets. The biggest surprise was that Parcells was left out of the class.  (Projo has more on it)

Twitter is full of shocked fans but also full of those who believe that Parcells was not nearly as successful without current Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in his staff. With only two Super Bowl Championships is his career, it's unknown as to when - or if - Parcells will be enshrined among the game's greatest.

Super Bowl helps owner cope with heartbreak

It's no surprise that this year for the Patriots has been an interesting one. With the lockout, no one really knew when the NFL season would begin. Without the help of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, many believe there would not have been any football this season. But before the season, Kraft had to deal with his own personal difficulties: the passing of his wife Myra Kraft.

"It has been a tough year," Kraft told the AFP. "I believe in spirituality and this team has really saved me personally. There's a special bond on this team. You can feel it. There's a camaraderie. It is special."

The entire season and if they succeed, Super Bowl XLVI will be dedicated to Myra Kraft. Patriots players and all of Patriots nation have given something to Robert Kraft that money can't buy, emotional support.

Blitzing Eli
People wonder how the Patriots can get enough pressure on the Giants to throw Eli Manning into a state of panic when teams like the 49ers and Packers couldn't do it.  If New England is going to have a reasonable chance to win, then the obvious question is how>  the Answer is to blitz.  But Manning and his offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride have seen blitz pressure before.  So the normally tried-and-true Dick Lebeau style blitz won't work because it creates an inherent hole in the defense (a-hem Packers).  What New England will do is to get creative without creating a hole in an already suspect defense.  Thanks to the blog Blitzology [ Hat Tip @Sigmundbloom ] we can now get a picture of how the Patriots win battles up front without taking undue risks.

A ‘Giant' Mistake on Team Website
It's one thing to invite people to a ‘bigger party' next week prior to the Super Bowl, it's another thing when your team's official website proclaims that you've already won. Oh, and it also has links to where you can buy all the Super Bowl 46 Champs gear.

For a brief moment on the New York Giants website, a massive image appeared that stated, " The Giants are the Super Bowl Champions!" complete with an image of the Lombardi Trophy -- most likely saved from their 07' victory. Thinking positive is a way to help win the big game but proclaiming it a full day ahead of time? Not so much.

A Pizza is Key to a Giants' Victory?

Teams are undoubtedly superstitious before any game. But when you're about to play in the biggest game of the season, superstition is taken to a completely different level. Umberto's Pizzeria of New Hyde Park, Long Island has been part of the Giants' pregame tradition for years.

The owner of the restaurant personally made 16 pizzas and delivered them to Indianapolis on Saturday. These pizza got VIP treatment all the way to the big game.

Nate Solder could be Super Bowl hero

There is a lot of pressure that comes with being the first round draft pick for a team and having to protect Tom Brady. Add the pressure of playing in the most important game of the season and you have yourself rookie tackle Nate Solder's season.

With Rob Gronkowski expected to be less than 100 percent, it would be an opportune time for Nate Solder to step up in the Patriots offense. According to USAToday, that's entirely possible. The tackle also played tight end in his college career with Colorado. It wouldn't be the first time Bill Belichick has tried something different, former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel was known to make catches in the red zone.

The Patriots have their hands full going into Super Bowl XLVI. With all the experts betting against them, it might take some heroics from rookie tackle  Solder to prove the Giants' overly-confident web announcement wrong. Whether it be pizzas or trash talk to power the Giants, the Patriots have kept their cool and focus for the big game. If the Lombardi trophy ends up in New England's grasp, Mr. Kraft will have plenty to smile about in a season dedicated to his beloved "MHK".

These stories and more in the Patriots Newswire

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