Jim Poore is back with his final picks column against the spread for the year. It's Baltimore vs San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII.

Super Bowl XLVII has finally arrived, along with the typical circus that usually surrounds the big game. I would like to make it through this entire column without mentioning Ray Lewis' name, but that is very difficult to do considering the entire game seems to be about him. Just ask Lewis, he'll tell you so. I understand. Considering he is one of the greatest defensive players of all time and this is his last game... or so he says. But it really is a little over the top. I don't think I have actually heard that much analysis about the game.

Things happen when the break between playoff games is two weeks long. Some player says something he shouldn't ( 49ers DB Chris Culliver this year) and, although he may just be speaking his mind, that isn't allowed without criticism.  The break includes countless interviews and stories that are borderline irrelevant to the game. But that is what makes the Super Bowl so unbelievable. It doesn't matter who is playing, or where the game is. It is the Super Bowl, and it is an unwritten holiday. In fact, a law is trying to get passed making the day after the Super Bowl a legal holiday considering nobody works anyway. That is how great it is.

   And, in case anybody was wondering, YES Jim and Jon Harbaugh are brothers coaching against each other. As a matter of fact, I think there should be a drinking game this year ( like there isn't normally ) when everytime Mr. and Mrs. Harbaugh are shown during the game, everybody drinks. Nobody would make it to the second quarter sober.

And yes, aside from all the hoopla, there is a game. Some are expecting a blow out. We will soon see.
Super Bowl XLVII
San Francisco 4  Baltimore
This number has actually gone down some since it first opened. Perhaps the Ray Lewis "mystique" is getting some to move towards Baltimore. I actually haven't seen too many people that like Baltimore. The 49ers offense looks unstoppable, and the Ravens' offense will have trouble scoring. I am not sure either one of these is true. San Francisco can definitely move the ball, and yes they will likely score many points. But they aren't unstoppable, especially with two weeks for the Ravens to prepare. I also think Baltimore will be able to score. I think it is about time we give Joe Flacco credit. He has had an outstanding post season. I am not sure he is an elite quarterback in this league, but he is at the next level. As I mentioned in my AFC Championship game prediction, I think Baltimore's time is now. They are an older veteran team and they could be losing some of their defensive players at year's end, so this could be it. The 49ers look to be very good for quite some time. Their future is very bright. But unfortunately for them, this is the present.
Ravens  23-21
Record For Championship Games: 1-0-1 ( 2-0 without the spread )
Record For Post Season: 5-4-1 ( 8-2 without the spread )

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