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Insiders Report: Patriots Week 8

Mike Martz... the enemy

<p>The Insiders bring their unique take on what is happening with the New England Patriots. Look back at the Steelers or look forward to the Rams game, Get Inside and see what's happening with the Patriots. Weekly report card, injury impact and key player notes and quotes.</p> <p>Not an insider yet? You can get inside for less than you think, and you <b><a href="https://secure.[NETWORKDOMAIN]/store/view.aspx?s=121&p=6" target="_blank">get a load for FREE stuff</a></b> just for signing up!</p>

INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE Bill Belichick is a man of few words after his team loses a football game. So it was no surprise when he stood in front of the media Sunday night disgusted with what he had just witnessed. Twenty-one wins in a row? Who cares? He sure didn't as he unsuccessfully went for No. 22. The Streak, as it became known, was a nice accomplishment in a historical perspective... Recommended Stories

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