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Insiders Report: Patriots Johnson Goes To Work

Insiders Report: Patriots Johnson Goes To Work

<p>Ted Johnson labels the Patriots off-season workout as &quot;rigorous,&quot; and there's no doubt there's some truth to that. With the off-season &quot;voluntary&quot; workouts having started on Monday, we'll be hearing more about how these Patriots look and feel in coming weeks. Today's insider report includes comments from the linebackers, draft analysis and Top 3 off-season priorities. <B><A HREF="http://patriots.[NETWORKDOMAIN]/3/PI-Promo-blip.html">Special Offer!</A></B></p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, left, and defensive end Richard Seymour, right, flank owner Bob Kraft April 7, 2004 in Portland Maine (AP Photo)INSIDERS REPORTThe Patriots continue to traipse slowly through the free agent waters. With the draft now less than a month away, New England has done little to fill any of its holes with available veterans.Perhaps the biggest of...

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