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Insiders Analysis: Running Backs

PI takes a look at the roster and breaks down each player on a unit-by-unit basis. In this installment, the running back position is the subject. The backfield had always been a question until the arrival of free agent Corey Dillon in 2004. Dillon singlehandedly revitalized the Patriots run game. The question now becomes, who will back him up

Insiders Analysis: Running BacksCorey Dillon ­ 6’1”, 225 Lbs., 9th Year, WashingtonDillon was arguably the best pickup of the entire 2004 NFL offseason. The Patriots sent one of their two second round picks in the 2004 draft to Cincinnati, who was eager to rid themselves of a player they considered to be a cancer, but who was also one of their all-time great players. Finally with a QB to take... Recommended Stories

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