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Britt Fits The New England Mold

Britt Fits The New England Mold

Sometimes the Patriots roster moves make it under the radar, sometimes they make a big splash in the morning news. It's this constant shuffle and adjustment to the roster that has been a key part of their success in recent years. One such roster move that was little noticed, but big in size, was an addition to the practice squad of a reserve offensive tackle. At 6'-8" Wesley Britt is the new Big Man On Campus, and he's looking to just fit right in.

Britt Fits The New England MoldBy Ricky PopolizioThe New England Patriots already possess one of the most talented offensive lines in the league, so there really is no immediate need for Wesley Britt, who stands at 6'8" 316 pounds. But this giant was meant to be a Patriot. Britt, who was signed to the Patriots practice squad on September 5 after being drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the... Recommended Stories

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