More On Potential DB Signing

More On Potential DB Signing

Patriots' fans have many questions on the new defensive back that was supposed to visit Foxborough. When Patriots Insider first broke the news, the local media quickly picked up the information and ran with it, but some questions remained. Patriots Insider Jon Scott addresses fan questions to shed more light on the team's interest and the possibility that an announcement will be forthcoming. Details inside.

For all those who emailed, sent private messages in the forums or otherwise made known their desire for more information on the Eric Warfield situation here are some answers to those questions. It's in a Q & A format so you get an idea of what others have asked. We've summarized for the sake of brevity.


Q: Is the defensive back really Eric Warfield from the Chiefs?

Yes the player in question is Eric Warfield formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Q: How did we hear about it before [other media]?

Patriots Insider has a number of sources with inside knowledge of league happenings. Occasionally we get information good enough go to press with that isn't in the mainstream media yet. This was one of those situations. The thing to remember is, and are part of the Fox Sports world. There are many resources available now that were not in place previously.

Q: Will the team sign him?

Good question. We have every reason to believe so. We're hearing from one source that they thought it was already a done deal, and were just waiting on word back that the final details have been worked out.

Q: Did he actually show up for a visit or didn't he?

In what may be contrary to some other published reports, he's been there already according to the information available to us.

Q: What is the story with the suspension?

For more details as to the reason for the suspension, you would have to check with the league ruling on the matter. The league does not discuss these matters or the specific reasons for it (the suspension), as a matter of policy. We reported what was already out there. Warfield missed the first four games of the 2005 season due to violation of the league's substance abuse policy.

Q: How will this signing affect the other starting DBs on the roster?

It will be another body to add to the competition for starting duties. From a talent perspective Warfield is a solid player and should add depth to a unit that has been decimated by injuries the last two seasons. We're told that there was some concern over his seeming lack of effort at times, which affected his performance. If he doesn't give the effort in New England don't expect him to be handed anything. Depending on how well he does at camp, he may challenge for a starting job.

Q: Are there other players the team has had in?

There are usually other players who make visits that may not become public. Some teams prefer to keep things quiet for obvious reasons, although we in the media do our best to bring you news when we can confirm it.

Q: Will the Patriots draft a defensive back if they sign Warfield?

No one can tell you whom a particular team will draft. What we can tell you -- and those in the forums already know this - is that the team has worked out at least 3 of's top 10 ranked defensive backs already. Two have made visits to Foxborough, while a number of others conducted drills for the team at their home campus. One more will be reported shortly.

The Patriots have had a representative at the pro days of every top 10 ranked cornerback that has had a pro day workout. They also spent time with players at the Shrine Game, the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. They have covered their bases should the opportunity present itself to acquire another talented player. Signing Warfield will not change that plan.

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Cornerback Eric Warfield #44 of the Kansas City Chiefs intercepts a pass against the receiver Peerless Price #81 of the Buffalo Bills late in the fourth quarter of the NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium on November 17, 2002 in Kansas City, Missouri. The play allowed Kansas City to run down the clock out for a 17-16 win. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)


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