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Patriots - Redskins... tweeting the game

First series for New England didn't go well. No where to run for Taylor, a bad throw by brady and a drop by galloway. 3-and out

Redskins score on their first possession. 1-yard TD run. 7 plays 69 yards results in a 7-0 Redskins lead

Matt Slater not having a good night. Poor 1st return, interference on punt coverage, then an avg return on his 2nd return. A Slater omen?

Redskins QB Jason Campbell able to shred the Patriots defense. Darius Butler called for PI in the end zone. Beaten on coverage.

Patriots march down field and score TD. Brady to Moss on 26-yard TD pass. Adjusted the pattern at the line.

Drive included a 20-yard pass to Joey Galloway. The Patriots used Max protect with 2 WRs in the pattern. Plenty of time to throw, 1st Down.

@TheRealJoeSilva No pressure. Butler getting beaten. that's been the difference so far. Next series should tell you more.

Redskins drive stalls out after throwing deep on the Patriots secondary. Big lapse in coverage, bad pass prevented TD

Adalius Thomas shows off his high jump skills by skying to knock down a 3rd down pass from Jason Campbell Banta-Cain applying pressure

Darius Butler has now saved Patrick Chung twice this preseason. Butler recovered another Chung punt return muff. Is the Chung xprmt over?

Fred Taylor the RB for this series. Running strong behind the line with little room. Patriots O-line having trouble opening holes

3rd and one on Washington 27 at the Qtr break. Good test for Patriots OL. Can they get a 1st when they need it. David Thomas in at H-back

2nd Q patriots chance their formation. Come out in spread, Brady to Moss deep over the top of LaRon Landry. 27-yard TD. too easy

Patriots 14 - Redskins 7. Brady to Moss connection is in full swing. Brady now 9/12 122 yards and 2 TDs

Redskins rushing attack sputtering. 6 runs for 6 yards. Good Patriots defense or bad Redskins blocking?

Another Washington penalty gives the Patriots 15 yards. Puts the ball on WAS 26. Jim Zorn not in control of his bench

Patriots drive stalls due to penalty. Stephen Gostkowski kicks it through. Pats 17 - Redskins 7

Redskins having trouble with the pressure. a Derrick Burgess chase put some hustle in Jason Campbell's retreat. 3-and-out again

Taylor in at RB this series. Faulk and Morris not playing. Taylor or Maroney as starter in '09?

Wow a Brady scramble -slide results in a sack officially. That knee didn't help his speed. Coaching staff just had heart attack.

Redskins 73-yard pass play just illustrated what's wrong with LBs in coverage. Huge gain by TE. NO one picked up Cooley

Paris Lenon from Hero to Goat. Stuffs a run on a would-be TD, then gets faked out by Jason Campbell on a scramble for a TD.

@raven7eggnog His dancing may be an issue. Still slow to hit the hole, the critics harp on that one negative

The new guys Taylor and Galloway, not on the same page as Tom Brady. Brady passes look bad when the receiver goes wrong way

Redskins threaten at the end of the second quarter Cooley After a huge gain by Cooley, the Pats D stands tough inside the 20, forces a FG

End of the 2nd Q not what Patriots wanted. Redskins scoring drive. Only solace, keeping WAS to a FG after huge pass. PATS 17 - WASH 17

Patriots DBs taking a beating. Jonathan Wilhite had to leave the game in 1st Q, Darius Butler and Brandon Meriweather in 2nd Q. All back.

Two things we said could derail the Pats. Preventing 3rd down conversions, (Wash 4/7 in 1st half) and lack of pass rush.

Patriots 3.4 yards per carry, Redskins 1.9 Both teams ran 31 plays on offense. WASH 213 yds, Pats 186

Jason Campbell looks confused when looking for his second option. Redskins go 3 and out to start 2nd half

No Tom Brady for second half. It's the Kevin O'Connell show now.

Looks like the hit Tom Brady took in the 1st half is enough to earn him a sideline spot for rest of the game.

Moss also out of the game. Kevin O'Connell throws into coverage. Tipped ball, INT.

The game just became a battle of backups. Neither team has starting QBs in the game after 1st series of 3rd Q.

Note to the commissioner: This is exactly why the preseason needs to be shortened.Starting QBs hurt, backups in fans paid top $ to watch...

Bad throw by Washington QB Colt Brennan. Pats DB J. Wilhite jumps route makes 99-yard INT return for TD. Pats up 24-17

@bwdoherty No word on Brady, other than he's out. Blame A Haynesworth who hit Brady then put all his weight on tackle. Thought was illegal?

Backup substitutions right now. Pats second unit mixing in on Defense. Ninkovich, in with many 1st string DL

Guyton and Bruschi just blitzed from blindside, creamed C. Brennan. Too easy. D. Burgess fights off block to stop Brennan on 3rd. WAS = punt

All Patrick Chung on punt returns. Edelman, Welker and Faulk weren't expected [to play], but Chung as PR?

Kevin O'Connell is not making good choices. Throws into coverage another INT. How much for Matt Cassel again?

illegal contact pen on T Bruschi, declined. Redskins 1st down. That's two negative plays for Tedy so far.

Jamar Love. UDFA signed, cut, re-signed... expect him to be cut again after biting on stutter step for 33-yard TD. Good kid, bad decision

@_not_THAT_guy Pats have issued no comment on Brady. Don't expect anything other than "He's not playing" Check site tom for more

Patriots 24 - Redskins 24 End of the third quarter. Backups don't look so hot.

How bad of a day is Kevin O'Connell having? 2 of 6 for 17 [Officially 18] yards and 2 INTs. If he was doing any worse they'd give him a Redskins Uni.

Redskins bail out the Pats yet again on a penalty. Roughing QB, converts a 3rd long to 1st down. Bad move Washington

Benjarvus Green-Ellis rips off a long run, Sam Aiken called for a ghost holding call

Ben Watson is in the game. Huge fall from grace, 1st Rd pick doesn't play till 3rd Q with the backups

BJGE pulls a 22-yard Draw. He's making it very hard to cut him. His competition Chris Taylor counters with 18 yards on 2 runs.

FUMBLE = Challenge. Chris Taylor may have just blown another red zone drive by New England. BJGE did same thing last week.

Situation football... ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the football even IF the whistle blows. Washington wins challenge, Pats drive dies at 10

Backup LB Vinny Ciurciu just rolled over Terrence Whetley's leg. What happened to Wheatley, from starter to 3rd string CB?

The OTHER #76, Stephen Williams, just sacked Colt Brennan. Good move to shed the block. [Williams] benefited from the L. Smith Trade to Denver

Patrick Chung just got completely leveled on a cutback block when he wasn't looking.

The TOM BRADY RULE: Stephen Williams sacked Colt Brennan but hit him low. Call turns sack into penalty and 1st down.

Official Word from Patriots: Tm Brady has a "Sore shoulder".

Kevin O'Connell throws a wormburner at Sam Aiken on 3rd and 4. Wide open. bad throw = lack of confidence?

Last Redskins drive 9 runs for 60 yards on the ground (6.6 avg). Most effective series of WAS runs the whole game was vs 3rsd string.

Patriots 3rd stringer D stuffs the run when it counts. Can Kevin O'Connell get them in scoring position?

Safety Pat Chung comes up HUGE when it counts on PR duty. returns punt 33 yards to Redskins 23

Andrew Walter is in fumble,blown play, Washington ball, complete chaos. THAT is exactly why the Patriots have backup QB issues.

Chaos turns into Pats ball... was a non play. Gives pats a chance for FG to win the game

Gostkowski kick is good. Patriots 27 - Redskins 24. 8 seconds. Pats fortunate to pull off the win after those late gaffes.

Patriots win 27 - 24 vs Redskins in a game where Brady may have been hurt and they discovered they have NO backups worth a roster spot. Recommended Stories

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