Patriots-Jets: Tweeting The Game

Patriots-Jets: Tweeting The Game

Check in with our writers as they tweet the game live on Sunday. The Patriots take on the New York Jets. Not on Twitter, may be you should follow Kerry Rhodes @Kerryrhodes or Rodney Harrison @rodneyh37

New York Jets
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The game tweets are listed below.
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Patriots - Jets... tweeting the game

# Fans keep askng. Here's the reply: Pats can't get enough pressure on base D (4-3 scheme) so they have to blitz. SEYMOUR = different result

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# Radio Link.. Patriots Insider Postgame Edition - Week 2 show on #BlogTalkRadio at or call (347) 838-8499

# Check out Kerry Rhodes post game comments

# Fiinally humble? "Big Win! So proud of my team. We couldn't have done it without the fans.U were awesome! Let's GO!"

# Sorry for a bad tweet One thing media members love/hate A cocky kicker. Are you kidding? #Patriots #jets #NFL

# Doubt creeps in on Belichick's ability to make decisions, namely NOT re-signing guys

# Cocky or...? RT: @jayfeely: We talked a big game but we backed it up. 2nd half was aewsome football on offense, defense, and special teams

# Had To Happen! RT: @MikeReiss: First time the Patriots haven't scored a TD in a game since Dec. 10, 2006 -- a 21-0 loss to the Dolphins.

# Twitterfox having issues and cutting off tweets. Pats fans not liking the loss. Big time angst:

# ting the Patriots for the loss. Is it really that bad? Let us know here

# Listening to the Browns- Broncos game as former Patriots coordinators go at it. 10-6 1st half. Mangini v McDaniels. Pats miss McD

# The best part about the Patriots losing is all the pressure has now moved to New York. Headlines in NYC should be humorous tomorrow

# RT: @SPORTSbyBROOKS: Cue ESPN, tri-state overreaction, hype machine on Jets, Sanchez. Joe Namath's voicemail bombarded by sports radio shows

# Early nominations for Goats: O-Line, Brady, the WRs and Belichick. Really? send us yours

# AFC East news. Bills up big on TB.Mia to play on Monday night. Link to BUFF game center at

# Don't want to post your GB&G? Send us your GB&G here. We're always interested in what you think about the team.

# The Game Balls& Goats thread is up. Fans can vent at (good or bad) at

# Join us in the forums... it is about to be crazy. Game Thread here: Already wicked hot

# Bill Belichick will have a lot of A_ _ chewing to do on Mon. Patriots turn ball over on downs Jets win 16-9

# BenJarvus just showed up in the stat column... a penalty (block in the back). Not good. here it is 1st d, 10 yard lineabout

# 2 min warning. Patriots ready to receive the Jets punt. No timeouts. No Welker. No Rhythm, but only 7 points behind.

# Correction. Patriots have 3:36 to stop New York. Typing too fast here. Pats have 2 TO. Now 1

# Jets have 3:36 to stop NY's final drive. Or it's over. Brady is 22/42 for 198 and 1 INT. Sanchez is 14/22 163 and 1 TD. far

# Jets defense holds Brady in check. Brady's other options at WR not performing well.

# If Brady can pull out a win today it will be his 30th career 4th Q comeback

# Tully Banta-Cain just put a wicked move on the Jets LT to slam Mark Sanchez to the ground First real pressure on the QB this half.

# Jets marching down the field again. Patriots can't seem to get on track on either side of the ball. They have kept it close so far

# Patriots drive stalls on penalties. Delay of game and delay of game. New England does not look like the same offense in 2nd half

# 3rd quarter Score: Jets 13 - Patriots 9

# Second impressive Jets drive results in a FG after TD gets reversed. Pats have yet to gain a First Down this half.

# Brandon Meriweather is back in the game. #31 Was in for the Jets last drive.

# @KishaT @dickieskinz @Benny_the_Bull Fans agreeing with our Welker comparison for Edelman

# Jets come out firing in the 2nd half. Big gain to Stuckey set up a TD to Keller. 3rd Q Jets 10 - Patriots 7 Score setup by big KO return.

# Patriots WR Julian Edelman looks a lot like Wes Welker. If you read our pregame material we've been saying he's a solid option if Welker out

# Best Patriots drive of the game ends in... another FG. Tipped passes were an issue. Halftime:: Patriots 9 - Jets 3

# The Patriots have now used 4 of their running backs. Only 1 not seeing action on offense: BenJarvus Green-Ellis

# Meriweather Update via @ MikeReiss

# Patriots will probably be without S Brandon Meriweather for the rest of the game. He hurt his ankle (return questionable)

# Jets used their running game very effectively going straight up the middle Thomas Jones had runs of 9, 8 and 10 yards.

# Nope. Jets FG is good. 2nd Quarter: Patriots 6 - Jets 3

# Jets drive stalls, possile fake?

# In four possessions, the Sanchise is 1/3 for 4 yards, a sack and a fumble.

# Patriots have held the ball the majority of the first half. If they can keep it up it will result in more than a 2-1 Time of Possession

# Patriots using the no huddle with good effectiveness. Taking the opportunity for large scale substitutions out -- a Jets strength

# Jets second drive. Fumble. After review, the ruling stood. Patriots in good position. They need points.

# Patriots second drive stalls out after a dropped pass by Maroney, a catch by Galloway and a mixup (Brady/Galloway) on third down (Punt)

# Jets punt to the 49. Kevin Faulk in to retun it with Welker inactive today.

# Jets in trouble after Mark Sanchez's first play was a sack and fumble. Jets recover on their 3.

# Patriots first drive stalls out at the Jets 36. Chris Hanson punted into the endzone for the touchback.

# Laurence Maroney's first run was a good one. He ripped through the line for a 12 yard burst. He also returned the opening kickoff.

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# Patriots to receive kickoff. Stadium very loud.about 16 hours ago from Echofon

# Ryan all about mind games: O'Connell, Izzo and Woody (all former Patsw) are the team captains today.

# The New York media are trying to label Mark Sanchez Mark San-chise (aka Franchise). Get it?about

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# Firing Up Twitter for the game. #Patriots @ #Jets 1:00pm Stick with us for game updates and other related news throughout the afternoon.

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