PRESEASON WK 1: Patriots-Eagles: Twitterized

PRESEASON WK 1: Patriots-Eagles: Twitterized

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TRESEASON WEEK 1: Aug 9, 2013:
New England Patriots 31
Philadelphia Eagles 22

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FINAL:  #Patriots 31 - #Eagles 22 ... New England (1-0) Philly drops to (0-1).

#Eagles with last second chance ot score from the 2, Draw play, snuffed out, Game over.

#Eagles can't convert 4th-3 at NE 16... Pats ball at NE15

TV coverage... missing plays, key 4th down. talking to Gillette guys missing another conversion... too much talk, not enough football

#Eagles go for it on 4th-10 @ NE30... #Patriots DB Justin Green nice play on ball to break up the pass... Pats ball

Jeff Tarpinian, another whiff on a one-on-one tackle drill.  Had same issue in camp late.  Bad Tackling will get you cut,

Tebow made some GREAT throws in camp on that deep throw, but under threw that one... inc... punt coming.

Justin Green is a dynamic KR, but he's been limited in his returns tonight.  TB again, Pats ball on NE 20

TD Eagles (4thQ 14:55) #Patriots 31 - #Eagles 22 ... Barkley to Salas 12 yd TD (Drive: 7 plays, 57 yards in 2:13)

Eagles score on 2-point conversion.  the 3rd string secondary is not showing well.  Bubble guys lacking

Greg Salas, former Patriots WR scores a TD, Logan Ryan and Tavon Wilson whiff on tackles... Belichick will have a lot to chew them out on.

... or Brandon Meriweather game tape...
#Patriots S Tavon Wilson going for Kill shots... too late to stop the completions.... Maybe he should watch Patrick Chung film

#Patriots defense using nickel, LBs and DBs... DL scarce, so Eagles running yards meaningless now.

#Patriots FG att... S.Gostkowski 53 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Right.

TV WHIFFED  on the dynamic.... Eagles Penalty, 12 men on field, Pats go from Punt formation to FG ATT

Tebow running the read option... pulls up on a scramble to throw for the 1st to Kamar Aiken. Again... camp tendencies.

Tebow running the option... exactly as we saw in camp.  Has some struggles, had some success.

 Adam Caplan ?@caplannfl 9 Aug
Casey Matthews (left knee) is out for the rest of the game. Jamar Chaney (shoulder) has not returned.
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3rd and 20, Eagles pass for 22 and a first down.  #softsecondary

Marcus Benard, someone @JScottNFL said to keep an eye on,getting some pressure.

#Patriots defense recognizes the run on 1st down, but gives up 5 with 11 guys running to the ball anyway

Good news for Tim Tebow... #Patriots announce QB Ryan Mallett out with a head injury.  #Tebowtime Allday

Gostkowski, kicks it out of the Endzone.... as we discussed with @Show_1 in camp, this missing in practice.

 jermaine wiggins ?@jwiggs85 9 Aug
Blount looking good size, vision, & balance!!! #WIGGSOUT!!!
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TD Pats (3rdQ: 9:15)  #Patriots 31 - #Eagles 14 ... L. Bount 1-yard TD (Drive: 8 plays, 57 yards in 4:24)

Looks like LeGarrette Blount has no problem making plays at RB... great open field running.

Don't read too much into that 1st down screen by Tebow... the #Patirots OL PANCAKED the Eagles DLs.

TEBOW RUN!   on third and long, Tebow had no intention of passing. runs for the 1st.  He's got that ability, 1st down.

#Patriots weather #Eagles 1st drive (3-and-out), Pats ball at NE 43

#Eagles take over at their own 20 to start the 3rd Q

Really like @chatham58 's sideline reports... Dude zeroed in on the players...  LB STEVE BEAUHARNAIS Watch him

First half ends on dumpoff pass over the middle..... #Patriots 24 - #Eagles 14

Justin Green who's been beaten deep all camp long lets WR get behind him again... but INC.  Luck.

Rookie mistake... #Patriots punter Ryan Allen outkicks coverage..... HUGE return Eagles ball at NE 29

3rd - 10 Tebow sacked... tried to spin out of pressure... never saw a WR... ate it for the sack.    Same ... same   same story all camp long

Tebow takes long time to throw ball out of reach of WR>.. INC.

Edelman  makes adjustment to a questionable throw behind him).  22-yd reception.  Mallett down Tebow in 2-min drill

Edelman fielding all the punts tonight... same as camp.  Good hands, team trusts him.

Correction... penalty on B, Boldin

Even the Refs need a preseason.   Flag, Running into the kicker... Vereen, missed the P, but Ref fell for the flop

TD Pats (2ndQ 4:54) #Patriots 24 - #Eagles 14 ... Blount 51-yard TD run.  (Drive: 1 play, 51 yards in 0:14)

WOW... 51-yard TD run by LeGarrett Blount as he reverses field on broken run.

Gostkowski has had trouble nailing long KOs all camp... kicks this one out of back of EZ... is his leg back?

FG Pats (2nd Q: 5:45) #Patriots 17 - #Eagles 14 Gostkowski good from 34-yd FG (Drive: 13 plays, 62 yards in 4:52)

1st-10  Mallett to Dobson, wide open. Dobson stone hands... he shows occasional issue in camp. 2nd down INC, bad read

Wow... Mallett to Edelman on crucial 3rd -7.. perfect throw... good touch..crucial 1st down

#Patriots TE Zach Sudfield's first catch turns into a 1st down on 2nd-9 goes for 22.   Kid's got skills

#Patriots begin drive at their own 23. Mallett still in running the #2 offense.

 Michael Giardi ?@MikeGiardi 9 Aug
Hightower responsible for gap that Brown scored thru. He was on field for the entire series, only starter called upon there.
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TD Eagles (2ndQ: 10:07) #Patriots 14 - #Eagles 14 B. Brown 8yd  TD run  (Drive: 10 plays, 66 yards in 3:28)

 Ethan Hammerman ?@Ethanhamm 9 Aug
Patriots defense looked like swiss cheese on that drive. Jeez. Foles and Vick each getting a TD. Granted, that was 2nd team.
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Whiff on a tackle up the middle... 8 yard run right up the middle vs Patriots defense TD Eagles

 Tom E. Curran ?@tomecurran 9 Aug
Pats have subbed liberally on defense. Harmon and Wilson at the safeties, Ryan and Justin Green at the corners. Hightower only starter left.
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 Jeff Howe ?@jeffphowe 9 Aug
Second defense: Benard, Grissom, Forston, Francis, Beauharnais, Fletcher, Collins, Ryan, Green, Harmon, T.Wilson.
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 Christopher Price ?@cpriceNFL 9 Aug
Collins just swung and missed on a home run ball there.
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Hightower and Spikes getting beat in coverage?   Weakness in camp... could be a trend here.  Hightower late on coverage 1st down

Correction via our pal  @BillyJenkins: or Nick Foles (Yes the hi low was on FOLES... Vick done for the day)

on 4th-12 at Philly 26,  S.Gostkowski 44 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Right.  Same concern in camp says @jscottNFL

@Show_1 said Mallet has difficulty finding WRs under pressure.  Again prophecy comes true, Blown opportunity FG coming

Mallett to Boyce.... just missed (too strong, a trend in camp)   Easy TD

EXACT Same thing all camp long.... RT @Nick_Underhill: Mallett's loving Daniel Fells right now.

#Patriots Mallett to Fells... again, 2 for 2.  His favorite target in camp... can he find another WR?

Challenge confirmed. #Patriots ball, Belichick wins challenge.  Fumble. Pats ball at NE43.

Could be a fumble... Chandler Jones and Tommy Kelly Hi-Lowed Mike Vick... possible fumble.

Belichick challenging a play... DeSean Jackson right in the mix, slaps Belichick on the arm... like Good challenge buddy

TRUE>>>>>> RT @truthaboutmike: @PatriotsInsider First quarter of preseason...

And on 3rd down, Mallett inc to Vereen.   EXACT same thing we saw in camp.  3-and-out in a difficult situation Just ask @JscottNFL.

Same thing we saw in camp... Mallett throwing behind the WR... inc to Aaron Dobson on 2nd-7

Tom Brady done for the night.... Ryan Mallett in at the 1

PUNT Ball downed inside the NE 5..> We saw this in camp. Maybe we don't see #33 Leon Washington up the middle this time.

 Mike Reiss ?@MikeReiss 9 Aug
In top nickel defense, Patriots bringing on DE Marcus Benard (inside rusher) & CB Logan Ryan. LB Dont'a Hightower & DT Tommy Kelly come off
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Whatever is going on in New England, the secondary just isn't as dynamic as one would hope. Did stop Philly's last drive, punt coming

TD Pats (1st Q 5:05) #Patriots 14 - #Eagles 7 ...  Brady to Vereen 13 yd TD (Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards in 4:28)

Yeah, gotta luv @Mike Reiss... check how he sneaks in Sudfield snapcount …  TD Stands!

Predicted it when Welker left RT @SI_PeterKing: That's the first of many big plays by Shane Vereen this year. See where he lined up?

Brady to Vereen for TD.... under review.  Pardon the announcers who just aren't that familiar with the roster.

Just like that #Patriots in the red zone.   Kenbrell Thomkins and Aaron Dobson come up big in passing game.

Major advantage for Patriots... running left on 3rd-short.  Ridley follows Mankins and Nate Solder.  1st down

Another guy @JScottNFL has mentioned time and again #85 Kenbrell Thompkins converts on 3rd.  Kid is clutch

As @jscottNFL has said, Will Svitek could be a surprise... starting on OL at RG tonight.

Good and bad new for Talib.  He was burned like that by Amendola in camp.  If he can't stop deep ball = trouble

TD Eagles (1st Q: 9:33)  #Patriots 7 - #Eagles 7: Vick to Jackson 47-yard TD  (Drive: 5 plays, 77 yards in 2:15)

#Patriots 3rd down woes continue. 3rd-6 they give up 22.  A run and then give up 47 yard bomb (Talib)

Tommy Kelly and Jerod MAyo eat the ball carrier, but @wilfork75 drawing all the blocks at the line.

TD Pats (1stQ 11:4) #Patriots 7 - #Eagles 0  Ridley 1yd TD.  6 plays 67 runs.  (6 plays, 80 yards in 3:12)

One play, Stevan Ridley runs 62 yards on the first play of the game.

 Matt Chatham ?@chatham58 9 Aug
Tarps off, getting ready to roll for this #Patriots preseason opener!
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#Eagles win the toss, elect to kick.  #Patriots receive. Leon Washington and Shane Vereen as KR.  Washington to the 20

@chatham58 makes his pick of who to watch... Rookie LB Jamie Collins (good choice) Will he be a "player?"

Dan Roche & former Patriots TE Christian Fauria are calling the game with our pal LB @chatham58  (Sidelines) giving his input and PFW Recommended Stories

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