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J.P. Losman: Confident or Overconfident?

Buffalo Bills QB, J.P. Losman

In a Q & A with the Patriots media this week, Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman continually responded to questions as "I" rather than "we." Is this a big deal we asked? "Hell yes" was a response we heard from a league expert. The kid is all attitude, and 100 percent sure he can get the job done. So we wondered, why is that such a bad thing?

Losman is young and self confident, that much can be gathered from spending five minutes with the man in a conversation. The former Tulane signal caller has every right to be confident; after all, he is in the NFL as a starting quarterback. It's one of 32 jobs that thousands, if not tens of thousands, of youngsters dream about growing up, and it's his. It's his now that the two starters ahead... Recommended Stories

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