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Jets Know They Have To Avoid Mistakes

Chad Pennington

There will be more than just a playoff win at stake on Sunday; it will be bragging rights for the rest of the Belichick-Mangini era. At least it will be that way until they meet again, if they meet again in the playoffs. The 9-point underdog Jets know their best chance to win comes only if they can play mistake-free football. The challenge is to do that in Foxborough.

Try to forget, for a moment, the human drama that will occur immediately after Sunday's game when former friends Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini meet for another frosty dead-fish handshake. While that is an entertaining sideshow, the main event will be even more compelling. The Jets had lost six consecutive games to the Patriots before Mangini defected from New England to New York.After a 24-1... Recommended Stories

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